Saturday, May 18, 2019

Serious Squash Is Now On Patreon

I have some exciting news for all of the Serious Squash fans out there! Yes I’m producing a signature racquet, but there’s more...I’ve decided to join Patreon! If you’re not quite sure what Patreon is I will explain.

I’ve been contemplating doing this for awhile and I finally feel prepared and happy with the platform. is where you can find my account. What you can do there is become a member/backer/subscriber to Serious Squash. This means that for as little as $3 per month you will have access to a weekly coaching video year round. These videos will be posted on a private Instagram account (@SeriousSquashPatreon) and also on private Youtube links which I will email to all of the members on a regular basis. You will also have free access to the 3 full length instructional films (The Secrets Of Solo Hitting, Mastering Deception and The Advanced Secrets Of Solo Hitting (and Movement). A final bonus will be a discount on the new signature racquet as well as all other future Serious Squash products.

Once you’ve joined up as a member you can add the private Serious Squash Instagram account and I will accept you so you can view all of the special coaching videos I have posted and follow alongside for all of the new weekly posts. These videos will be more in depth and include special tips that people on the regular Serious Squash Instagram account will not have access to. This will basically include all of the information I would be reaching you in person from the grip, movement, training tips, drills, strategy, the mental game and more.

I’m still working on setting up the email list, but when you subscribe I will add you to the mailing list and send you out updates with links and information about my latest posts.

There are two tiers you have the option to join. The first is $3/month and it gives you unlimited access to all of the weekly posts. The $5 tier is limited to 25 followers and it allows you to submit topics for my future videos.

If you are a Serious Squash fan I would greatly appreciate your support! My first video tip will commence this week so don’t miss out.

Learn more a out my new venture at and if it isn’t for you not to worry as I will still be posting regularly on the standard Serious Squash social media accounts.