Competitive Achievements

Although I still play a couple of matches per month I've been focusing more on coaching the past few years so the competitive achievements are few are far between these days. I still try and prepare to play Nationals each season and will likely play a few world masters events over the next few season. While concentrating on the competitive side of squash here is what I was able to accomplish.

Post Varsity (2009-present)
2012 Canadian Championships - 30+ 1st place (finished 2nd in 2013 and 2017)
Played on the British Columbia Provincial Team - 2012 Top 5 Provincial Ranking (British Columbia) 2011-2012 #1 player on Team New Brunswick @ the 2010; 2011 Canadian Men's Team Championships
2010 Atlantic Open 1st place

Varsity (2005-2009)
3 x team MVP
Team finished 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th in the CSA (U.S. Collegiate Division 1)
Won 4 OUA team championships
4 x OUA all star
Undefeated as a freshman in both OUA and the CSA
Finalist of the Molloy Cup in 2009 (CSA individual tournament)
2007 Canadian University Championships 2nd place
2006 Canadian University Championships 4th place
2005 Canadian University Championships 5th place
Qualified for the Nash Cup in my only ever PSA event
2005 University Jesters Tournament 1st place

1995 U.S. Open 2nd place BU15
1993 U.S. Open 1st place BU13
1995 Canadian Closed 3rd place BU14
1993 Canadian Closed 1st place BU12
1993 Scottish Open 5th place BU13
Multiple provincial titles (Ontario)
Gold medal at Ontario Winter games x 2
North American Open Junior Doubles 1st place