Friends Of Serious Squash

Here's a link to some of my friends and associates. If you want to be on this list send me an email and we can chat about it.

Kettlebell Kings - I love what these guys do on Instagram and I'm also a big kettlebell fan so I've become an affiliate for them. Order from them here:

Squash Cannon - Email to inquire about getting the top ball machine on the market!

Amazon - Want to know what products I use. Check out my Amazon page which lists all of my favourite squash and training products:

Floathouse Victoria I'm a weekly floater and love it! Definitely check them out.

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  1. Hi Chris
    I would love to cross-link with you. I run a site for squash cub administrators and members - to enable them to run their leagues and ladders in a more automated way online (and it's completely free to use). I also have a blog, although that's a relatively new addition. You can check-out the site here:
    I am trying to build up traffic to the site, and will be setting up a "More Squash Blogs" page and am looking for good sites to cross-link to/from. Drop me an email if you are interested......(you can email me from the site)
    P.S. Yours is a great Blog!


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