Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Been a Long Time

This blog was initially designed in part for the members at the Moncton Squash Club. After leaving, I thought about shutting it down...but clearly I haven't. Not that I feel I'm special and deserve my own blog, but for those that wonder about how school is going, if I made the right decision going back to school, what's squash like in Victoria, and where am I going from here..well this is that update.

To start with, school this summer was great (a younger me would be shocked to hear that!). Anyways, I had 4 courses. Two courses ran at the same time and went for 3 weeks. I thought it was going to be hard spending 25 hours a week (in the summer no less) in a classroom..but that was just the beginning. Especially for the first 3 weeks, the days were very long. In 3 weeks I had designed a fitness guide for advanced squash players and I am well on the way of completing my main project on anticipation and deception in squash. I also did a sport audit for squash which lists all of the key performance indicators, completed a project on motivation and another on team building in an individual sport. On top of this I also learned a lot about (sport) psychology. I've begun working on tools to help players refocus between points and prior to matches. So basically I've learned a lot. I've also learned that I already knew a lot, but organizing it and knowing how, when and why to apply it is also very important.

So where do I go from here..I'm still working on my main project along with some other tools for coaching. I'll be doing some coop, likely here in Victoria and working part time. And I am currently looking into building a website for squash. The idea behind the site is to organize all of my knowledge (from when I started playing squash 22 years ago up to this very moment) and create a lot of high quality resources not only for myself, but for other coaches, juniors, adults, parents, sponsors, and tournament organizers. This way I can help not only those that I am working with, but those across the country and the world.

I will be searching for corporate sponsor(s) to help get the site off an running. If you or someone you know is interested please contact me for further details. Otherwise, once it's finished I hope you won't be disappointed!