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My name is Chris Hanebury and I'm the author/owner/creatore of Serious Squash. I'm 37 years old and started playing squash when I was 7 at the Pickering Recreation Complex in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. I started coaching 12 years ago and since that time I did my undergrad in kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario where I also took a number of writing courses. Afterwards I worked at a squash club in New Brunswick for two years before moving to Victoria to do my masters in Coaching Studies at the University of Victoria. During that time I began coaching at the Victoria Squash Club and at St. Michaels University School. 

I coached in Victoria, BC where I worked with the top competitive players from the school and I started this blog as an additional resource for my pupils. When I was a kid I wanted to know any and everything to do with squash, but I didn't like asking for help. Currently I'm in London, Ontario as the head coach of the Western Mustangs and at London Squash. 

I started publishing regular posts in the spring of 2014 and gathered a small following of people looking for tips on how to improve their squash game. I've posted over 200 articles so far and have over 950,000 page views. People from all over the world have access to my blog and I now generate an average of 500-800 views per day. Is that good? I don't know, but at least I know some of you are enjoying my articles and finding them helpful. Where Serious Squash goes from here, I'm not really sure. Although now I have produced a full length solo hitting video titled 'The Secrets Of Solo Hitting' plus the newest addition 'Mastering Deception' which are both free to stream on YouTube . 

For now I'll just keep writing about areas of the game that I find interesting and hope that you do as well. But I do envision that at some point I will have to hire someone to build a professional website that will make it simple for the viewers to browse from a variety of topics on squash. Hopefully I'll get to a point where I can add illustrations and videos to some of my posts, but this is just my side project so we'll see.

I've always enjoyed watching and analyzing sports and writing. I've always questioned how and why something is done and wondered about more effective and unique ways to accomplish a task. When people ask me why I share all of my coaching secrets with everyone for free, I just say that it makes me a better coach. It's the application that is the challenge. And if my entire coaching profession was based around just a couple of secrets or ideas I wouldn't be constantly searching to improve my understanding of the game and perfect my craft. When I write an article it gets me thinking in depth about the topic and I find it improves my coaching which most importantly makes my athletes better.

For a long time I always just assumed I would naturally become a top coach and that I just needed to be in the right situation. Then one day I realized that if you want to be something you simply need to go out and do it each and every day. Don't wait for something to come to you, build .it yourself.. So Serious Squash is also about my journey on becoming the best I possibly can be and not settling for mediocrity or a pay cheque.

With the internet there is access to free information everywhere, but I find that many coaches don't like to share their experiences and expertise unless they will benefit from it somehow. If I didn't share my opinion I feel that it would limit my potential to grow as a coach. The game is much bigger than any one coach or player. Serous Squash is simply one person's opinion; some points you may or may not agree with. There is more than one way to accomplish a goal. I also really enjoy debating a variety of topics about the great game of squash and always welcome feedback and questions. Squash can change your life and take you places you've never dreamed of. What has it done for you recently? Stay fit, stay positive and have fun!

Please feel free to send any comments, questions or suggestions to info@serioussquash.com

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