Sunday, October 30, 2011

Focusing on the Process of Performance and Personal Improvement

It's a tough dilemma..we all want to be successful but not everyone can be..or can we? What exactly is success and how do you define it? If someone performs to the best of their ability is it possible that they can be unsuccessful regardless of the outcome?

Most people measure the current level and progression of an athletes skill by results and outcomes (such as win/loss, points or games won or lost, ranking or being selected to a team). These outcome based measurements of skill level are all inaccurate. This is an inefficient and improper process for measuring the current level and progression of an athletes development. There are a number of variables that influence the outcome of winning and losing that are not under the control of the athlete involved. Not only this, but measuring the skill level of any athlete by the outcome of a competition has many negative implications on their psychological well being and long term development. This is why I believe on focusing on an athletes process of performance regardless of outcome.

If we do this is there any reason we can't all be successful? Can we learn to achieve personal satisfaction from a performance after defeat? I believe this is crucial for long term athlete development. The question I have is how exactly can we do this and how do we get athletes and parents to buy into this philosophy?

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