Monday, July 28, 2014

Two Week Challenge

Today is my last post before my vacation. I'm going away for about 2 weeks and I would like to pose a challenge for each of you in the meantime.

Set a mini goal/challenge for the next 2 weeks. Maybe it's to do an extra 5 or 10 pushups, an extra minute on a wall sit or the plank, or to get to 100 figure 8 volleys. Before you set this goal you first need to have a benchmark. How many, how long, or how fast can you do this now? And then practice it every day or 2 (depending on the physicality of the exercise). Try increasing the exercise by a small amount each session. So set your 2 week goal into even smaller chunks, into more mentally attainable goals. Maybe you are unsure if you could do an extra 5 or 10 sets but 1 or 2, well yeah if I push myself I could do that. And then each session is a mini goal and you add just a little bit. And the next thing you know is you'll be attaining your 2 week challenge goal. And at the end of the two weeks you may just think, I like this, I'm going to keep this going for another 2 weeks and see how much better I can get.

When we look too far down the road and have our eyes set on goals that seem insurmountable at the moment we may not even attempt to take that first step. When we start building up bit by bit we gain momentum and more importantly belief that we can do this. We also begin to understand that we can do whatever we want if we have a plan, are dedicated, and persistent. This is how I would do some of my training blocks over the years. I would try adding bit by bit each session or each week until a few months later I was actually impressed at how fast or far or how many reps I did. Each session I tried to set a new benchmark for my myself and then I would keep trying to slowly build onto it.

It feels really good to reach goals, to improve at something, to get stronger, fitter, and faster. You feel better about yourself and you start to notice that most of the obstacles in this world are only in your mind. I encourage anyone that tries this challenge to share what they are doing, what your benchmark is now and what your goals are in 2 weeks time. You can remain anonymous in your post if you like. Good luck with your challenge!

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