Saturday, November 22, 2014

World Championship Recap On Squash Mad

I wrote a report on the final of the 2014 World Championships between Ashour and Shorbagy for Alan Thatcher on Squash Mad. You can check it out here . For the record it was edited a bit. I would never call Shorbagy a pretender. He's the real deal and is #1 in the world, but yes technically is probably #2. My original title was simply Drama In Doha. I'm Canadian, so of course I wouldn't say something that brash about anyone, let alone the #1 player in the world! Epic match though. If you haven't watched it, do it.

Also have to mention how strange that soccer clip was during the preview of the finals with Selby and Barker. I don't get it, they weren't in the finals! Selby didn't even play the event. Maybe they could have done a piece on something relevant to the finals!!


  1. Interesting analysis Chris, thanks. Amazing match and performance by Ashour. Elshorbagy showed what I think it one of this greatest strengths, his mental toughness, by coming back from the 5 match points in Game 5. He showed that in the US Open finals against Gaultier with his "I own this court" attitude and utter confidence, which I think unnerved Gaultier a bit.

    In the article title, I think the Squash Mad guys were using the word "pretender" in the old-fashioned "pretender to the throne" way, which with this specific definition doesn't have a negative connotation, and just refers to someone with aspirations to be the acknowledged king or queen, but who isn't quite there yet. But I can see why you might be concerned that the term might be misinterpreted by readers as negative.

  2. Thanks Cleve! You're probably right about the use of the word pretender. Just when someone else is posting an article on my behalf I want to make sure nobody gets the wrong impression or puts words in my mouth. In the sense that you explained it it works perfectly. Anyways, the title has been updated, don't want Elshorbagy angry with me;)


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