Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Minute Gifts Ideas For Squash Players

Today is going to be short but sweet. If you still need to buy something for the squash player in your household what should you get? Squash players are easy to buy for. There are a few do's and don'ts. Most squash players are very particular about their racquet and shoes. As a kid I loved getting a new racquet for Christmas, but when you know what you like you don't want to switch frames. You can always buy someone shoes if you know the size and the type of shoe they like. But this isn't going to help any last minute shoppers, so what can you still pick up?

If you planned ahead you could order a squash book, but finding one of these last minute will be tough. So stick to something on the following list.
- a squash or gym membership!
- gift card to a racquet/sport store
- gift certificate for some lessons
- squash balls
- grips (Karakal!)
- string (preferably Ashway or Technifibre!)
- socks and underwear for sports! squash players always need more of these
- shorts/skirts and sport shirts
- track suit/warm up jacket or pants
- eyeguards
- nutriontal supplements, bars and gels
- skipping rope,  ladder, agilitychin-up bar, pushup handles, exercise mat
- voltaren and advil! for those nagging injuries
- foot odour destroyer powder/balls
- squash bag. the sizes vary a lot so make sure to get the right size (tournament or everyday bag)
- SquashTV membership (psasquashtv.com)
- a Gopro
- a hear rate monitor or a sports bracelet
- a gift certificate from SquashGear.com
- sessions with a personal trainer
- a float if you live in Victoria or Vancouver (floathousevictoria.com)
- tickets to an upcoming professional tournament
- and of course an online subscription to SeriousSquash.com!

You can also purchase physical tests like VO2max texting from certain sport science centres. If you purchase something like this you should always buy at least 2 so they can do a baseline measurement and a retest later in the season.

As I mentioned it would be difficult to find a squash specific book, but there are plenty of other books that are interesting reads for a squash player. The books I find most interesting are sport biographies, sport psychology, nutrition and sports training.

Hope this list helps. There are lots of cool squash gifts you can buy. Maybe you'll be really lucky and get a squash camp or flights and entry to an international squash tournament!

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy holidays! Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to a great 2015 here on Serious Squash.


  1. How about a Noproblem India - sports bracelet for a gift to the squash player? I am a tennis player and was gifted this and works really fine. I've had great experiences with it on my energy and strength. It would work well for the squash player i recon. I hope you like my idea.

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