Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Milestone For Serious Squash

Today I reached a quarter of a million views on Serious Squash. I started this blog about 2 years ago just to give my students an additional resource for their learning. A couple of hundred posts later I've chatted with people from all around the globe, began a video analysis service and have started up a video addition to my online social media presence. I have so many ideas for both my blog and for my videos so I envision Serious Squash continuing to expand. I'd even like to get into a signature racquet one day. Wherever it goes I will enjoy this journey.

Writing this blog has made me a better coach. I've spent a lot more time thinking about the game and coaching. As much as I've helped other people I know I've helped myself just as much or even more. Although this doesn't pay my bills it has been a lot of fun and I hope one day that I can add some international coaching clinics, skill challenging exhibitions and professional writing to my current career of coaching some terrific kids. It's nice to have a voice out there and people who relate to it. I've always been a person that has thought outside the box and enjoyed being creative and was passionate about health, fitness and squash in particular. I have always loved hitting a squash ball, regardless if it was solo practice or a tournament match. It's nice to know that I've found another avenue that I truly enjoy on top of playing and coaching squash.

In 2 weeks I'm having surgery on my meniscus so I will have more free time to write soon new material. I have some great post ideas on the horizon and have been talking to some other companies about my videos and another about doing some writing for them. I'm looking forward to these next chapters and will update you as soon as things are finalized. Some of my upcoming topics that I'm most excited about are routines. The more I think about them the more critical I feel they are to elite performance. I'm also working on a post about keeping squash fun and I am also working on another professional athlete profile.

When I started coaching I thought I had to take the route of other coaches. Do your levels, work with professional players and work your way up the coaching ranks until you can coach a national team. And although working with a national team is something I'd still like to do, I'm not worried about what other coaches or people involved in squash think of my coaching skills. There may be more certified coaches, but I have some unique skills and I am creating a new and unique career path. I love coaching kids, working on skill challenges and writing. I just want to add in some world tours and then I'd be set. I'm confident that one day I will work with a national team. It probably won't be in Canada as they focus too much on what your coaching level and experience is, but you never know. If it doesn't happen I'd be fine with that as long as I get to keep coaching some competitive juniors.

Thanks again to those of you that have reached out to me and given me feedback on my blog (both positive and constructive). If you want to see some of the cool squash videos I've worked on check out my Instagram account at serioussquash or at Youtube at cchsquashpro. Keep an eye out for news and updates on Serious Squash.

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