Thursday, October 4, 2018

Monitoring Off Court Training For Groups

When you work with a wide range or age groups it's difficult to have them all on the same training plan and to evenly track all of their progress and offer motivation for both on and off the court. So what I've created was a document where I can track each of their off court training improvements through a variety of exercises which I feel are most appropriate towards their development as an athlete and in particular a squash player. Ideally this chart will also provide motivation and goal setting for the kids too.

How the chart works is they simply get a checkmark when they've completed a certain physical skill task. The idea is to have levels that are challenging for each player so they can continually aim for incremental improvements, which over a long time can lead to a big change in an individual. It's just begun, so only time will be the judge to see how well it works. This is also the first season where the kids are expected to complete 2 off court gym sessions on their own outside of our on court training which is 4x per week.

Beep Test

Consecutive Pushups

Consecutive Skipping
50 FW
100 FW
150 FW
200 FW
250 FW
50 BW
100 BW
150 BW
200 BW

Bear Crawl with golf T on back
Width of court
Length of court
Length X2
Around entire court
Total distance with ball on top of T

1 min.
2 min.
3 min.
4 min.
5 min.
1 min. side
2 min. side
3 min side

Lunges (per leg)
30 sec. hold
60 sec. hold
90 sec. hold
2 min. hold
50 lunge forwards and back
20 lunge jumps (40 total)
30 lunge jumps (60 total)
40 lunge jumps (80 total)

10 proper squats
30 squats
50 squats
20 squat jumps
30 squats jumps
40 squat jumps
50 squat jumps
20 burpees with PU
30 burpees with PU
40 burpees with PU

Trouble Areas?
Sufficient ROM

Proper Sleep?
Warm up routine?
Cool down routine?

Anything you feel I'm missing? For the record these kids are between 12 and 18 years old. The coaches have demonstrated and shown that the exercises are all done with proper techniques before adding reps and/or weight. 

Legend: PU = pushups FW = forwards BW = backwards. The golf tee is a plastic driving range one that has a round bottom. You can also use a plastic cup or empty yogurt container.

When I was a kid we had some equipment in our basement, but I didn't know what I was doing or how much to do of something. I had no program or guidance on technique for exercises. It's impossible to play squash at a top level without strong glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings and of course core. The past 3 years since a minor knee surgery I've been steadily going to the gym and working with some great trainers and I feel more stable on court than I did when I was competing.  Here are a few of the pics from some of the various exercises we've done. It's always tailored to squash. You can find a lot more of them on the Serious Squash Instagram page.

Follow Serious Squash on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook for the most regular posts. Also check out the online shop, for all the instructional videos and merch. I'm hoping to be adding a signature racquet to the shop in the next few months! 


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