Monday, November 13, 2017

Serious Squash and Eye Rackets Part Ways

It was just over 1 year ago that Serious Squash and Eye Rackets joined forces. Eye Rackets was a cutting edge company which has signed many of the top PSA players and I really liked how they had no bumper guard on their frames (I always shaved all of mine off previously). I was extremely picky about racquets so switching from the Harrow Vapour I used for more than 6 years was a big deal. I thought it was super cool that they saw a unique opportunity and potential in what I was doing with Serious Squash and so much so that they made me a great offer to join their team. A year later and we've decided to go our separate ways.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the skill challenges I produced for Eye Rackets. Now as I figure out which company I will team up with next, Serious Squash will continue to put out the best and most creative squash squash content on the net. I've already been in touch with a couple of companies about partnering up with them so stay tuned for updates as I expect something to get worked out by the new year. I intend to be thorough with the next company to ensure the best possible fit and am in rush to make this decision. Until then best of luck with your squash game and thanks for all the support.


  1. this is quite heartb reaking since they came up with so many good things together. well i really hope it turnes out ot be better for the both of them. keep posting more


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