Saturday, May 18, 2019

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I have some exciting news for all of the Serious Squash fans out there! Yes I’m producing a signature racquet, but there’s more...I’ve decided to join Patreon! If you’re not quite sure what Patreon is I will explain.

I’ve been contemplating doing this for awhile and I finally feel prepared and happy with the platform. is where you can find my account. What you can do there is become a member/backer/subscriber of Serious Squash. This means that for as little as $3 per month you will have access to a weekly coaching video year round. These videos will be posted on a private Instagram account (@SeriousSquashShots) and also on private Youtube links which I post each week. You will also have free access to the 3 full length instructional films (The Secrets Of Solo Hitting, Mastering Deception and The Advanced Secrets Of Solo Hitting (and Movement). A final perk will be a 10% discount on the new Limited Edition Signature Serious Squash Racquet as well as all other future Serious Squash products.

Episode 1 is now posted and the topic is the Ready Position I want to see on the T and some of the common faults I come across. Episode 2 is on the Split Step and will be posted early next week. Future episodes will include all of the important key points I discuss when I’m coaching from the grip, movement, training tips, drills, strategy, the mental game plus much more.

There are 4 tiers you have the option to join. The first is the basic $3/month and it gives you unlimited access to all of the weekly posts. The $5 tier is limited to 25 followers and it allows you to submit topic suggestions for my future videos. The $15 tier is ‘Squash Love’ is limited to 15 patrons and it enables you to message me with your specific squash questions. And finally the ‘Gold Member’ tier is $50/month and on top of everything mentioned above I will also do a video analysis from one of your matches every 6 months.

If you are a Serious Squash fan I would greatly appreciate your support!Learn more a out my new venture at or click the bottom button below and if it isn’t for you not to worry as I will still be posting regularly on the standard Serious Squash social media accounts.
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