Thursday, May 16, 2019

Serious Squash Signature Frame Unveiled

It’s official, the Serious Squash Signature Frame has been ordered and will be in stock by the end of the summer. I used Harrow and ordered the Vapor frame with my own personal fun, music style twist on it. The Vapor frame is 140 grams and when I used the Dread it was my favourite racquet of all time. The shape of the Harrow racquets are slightly rectangular and quite comfortable in your hand. I also like trimming off the bumper guard to make the frame more headlight,  it this is a Limited  Edition frame so if you do this it obviously means it won’t be as durable.

I’ve only ordered 50 and this is a 1 time chance to a collector Serious Squash frame which is also a high quality racquet. At the time of this post only 40 remain. If you’d like to preorder one you can do so now at If you live in the Toronto area you can contact me directly to reserve one and you can pick it up this summer. Here it is:

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