Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PSA Squash TV

So today I thought I would talk about PSA Squash TV. I know I've already discussed the importance of using video for your own games and who some of my favourite professional players are to watch. Currently there is a WSA & PSA event taking place called the Hong Kong Open. This is one of the dozen or so tournaments that PSA Squash TV covers. The tournament has just started so you can register and watch it online. The link is http://www.psasquashtv.com. When I was a kid we had to order VHS tapes and then dvds of filmed matches from previous tournaments to watch the pros play. It's so much better getting to watch the games live now. The quality is better, because it's live the results are unknown, and it is much cheaper.

Unfortunately Ramy is injured and had to pull out of this tournament and for some reason Shabana isn't playing either. But two of my other favourites to watch Gaultier and Mohammed Elshorbagy are playing. Along with some young and upcoming Egyptians, such as Fares Dessouki and Mohamed Abouelghar. There promises to be a lot of entertaining squash.

They don't always film the WSA matches, but they are for this event. So you can also get a chance to see Nicol David play. She's attempting to win her 10th Hong Kong Open. Most players would be happy with winning 10 professional tournament total in their careers!

PSA Squash TV is only $120 pounds for a year, so the price is quite reasonable and the quality of the streaming is good. There is also an archive section where you can watch all the previous tournaments they've filmed over the past few years and even some real old school matches with Jansher, JP, Brett Martin, Peter Nicol and so on. It's interesting seeing how the game has changed and the different styles the game can be played at the highest level.

I always find I hit the ball better and hit higher quality shots after watching some of the top pros play. So it's not only entertaining, but it helps your squash game too!

The next tournament PSA TV will be filming is the US Open in October. So you'll have 5 or 6 weeks between events to go back and watch some archive footage.

Who's your favourite PSA & WSA players and why? Who do you least enjoy watching? Do you have a favourite matchup?


  1. I'm in the extreme minority, it seems, but I still like watching Nick Matthew. As I continue trying to push further and further in front of the T, he's the best to watch for this. Volleys so well and is such a competitor.


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