Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Serious Squash Podcast Episode 2 ft. Graeme Williams

I'm really enjoying interviewing some insightful and knowledgeable squash coaches. In episode 2 I interviewed Graeme Williams who was the head coach in Windsor for 7 years and is now in the US coaching. While in Canada he had a great junior program and was also the Women's National Team coach. We discuss a lot about junior squash, the differences in squash and coaching from England to Canada to the U.S., the PSA, CSA and his thoughts on a few technical ideas about squash.

Something all the coaches I've interviewed have in common so far is they are so passionate about squash. There's also been some similarities and also a few differences in their philosophies about squash and coaching. I've learned a lot so far and I know you will too.

Here's a little teaser of episode 2 with Graeme:

The full episode will be released tomorrow morning. You can find it wherever you listen to your podcasts or from the following link:

Episode 3 is also another great interview featuring a good friend and a big time coach for junior squash in Canada. This episode will drop in 2 weeks so make sure you subscribe to the podcast or the email list below to be notified when new episodes and other Serious Squash stuff is happening.

A mentioned there is a new Serious Squash email list. Since Serious Squash is all over the net (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Patreon, Podcasts, a shop and this blog) I thought it would be easiest to have a central place where I can email out the occasional update on all things Serious Squash related. If you'd like to subscribe you can do so here: Serious Squash Email List

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