Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Serious Squash Podcast: Episode 1 ft. Rob Brooks on Junior Squash

Throughout the pandemic I've been listening to a bunch of podcasts and I've even been interviewed for a few squash ones as well. Last weekend I had the idea of creating a Serious Squash podcast. Instead of simply interviewing the backgrounds and stores of squash players, I've decided to focus on interviewing the top coaches and sharing their expertise. I may know a lot of things about squash, but there are plenty of things I still don't know.

I believe a lot of top coaches will be open to sharing their knowledge and ideas because together we can improve our sport as whole. Our sport is too small to do things on our own on a trial and error basis and a lot of us coaches don't have the luxury of working alongside great mentors. I also think that this information will be interesting to the squash players and the parents of juniors. 

For episode #1 I was fortunate to get Rob Brooks on. I've known Rob for over 30 years and he's one of the nicest, humblest, most passionate and hardest working guys I've ever met. He's worked with more top juniors over the past 30 years than any other coach in Canada and in this episode he shares his expertise on junior squash. Rob definitely ignited my passion for coaching and I know you'll enjoy some of his ideas and philosophies about coaching kids. 

Currently the podcast is only available on 2 platforms, but will be added to others in due time. If this sounds like an interesting topic to you feel free to have as listen and subscribe. I already have another beauty lined up for episode 2. Here's the link for episode 1: Rob Brooks on Junior Squash

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